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How did we decide on a logo for Earthoria?

August 23rd, 2007 | Tina | General | No Comments »

The second thing you need when setting up a website is a good logo. A good logo can be anything you chose to represent your idea, company or organization. Since this website is the idea and passion of both Thomas and I, we both searched the web for suitable images that Thomas could generate into a logo using Adobe Illustrator.

I searched on Google for “images, earth, healthy life” and after surfing for 4 hours, had accumulated a small pile of images and drawn them in my little notebook. I also printed them out to color them with red (because I was determined to have a red logo) so that Thomas could see what I had in mind. I loved one image in particular. It was a photo of a crop field…a sign that a UFO had landed. I printed it out and coloured the middle part in red. It looked amazing.

To me the logo looks like an earth protected by rings, a person holding an earth, and also a person holding his/her arms over head in joy. It is exactly what I want the logo to symbolize.

When I showed Thomas all the drawings he immediately fell in love with the “crop-logo” and drew it on Illustrator in 10 minutes. We were both really happy.

Earthoria logo

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