10 most annoying things about living in Thailand

I’d like to begin this with a brief disclaimer: Thailand is a wonderful country to live in, with some of the friendliest people I have encountered anywhere in the world. I wouldn’t have lived here so long if that were not the case, however, every country has its pluses and minuses, and Thailand is no exception.

Following on from my post last week on the 10 things you should not do whilst in Thailand, here is a list of the 10 things that annoy me most about living in Thailand – in no particular order. Next week I’ll re-balance everything with my final post in the series – The 10 best things about living in Thailand!

1. Blatant corruption

This is particularly evident within politics, the police force or it seems, with anyone in positions of authority. It almost seems to be accepted that the police levy their own taxes on the population at will.

2. The bashful nature towards affection & nakedness

I’m English and not one to ‘get down’ to it in public, but why is it considered so embarrassing to hold hands or have a little (affectionate) kiss in public? Why does the merest sign of a female breast seem to send people into fits of embarrassment? Why do people not wear a swimming costume in the sea rather than the clothes they arrived at the beach in? Of course, westerners have a very blasé attitude towards this kind of thing, but there’s something rather liberating about walking down the road holding hands with the person you love isn’t there?

3. Incompetently run ‘public service’ companies

I’d almost go so far as saying the public service companies in Thailand are guilty of extortion. As an illustration, it is perfectly acceptable to set yourself up as an internet service provider company, advertise and charge people a fortune for a ‘super fast’ internet connection package, then deliver absolutely nothing at all. No one seems to say or do anything, especially if the company is TOT. Why might that be? Let’s just call it a form of ‘population tax’.

Loudspeakers - Noise in Thailand4. The noise

Why are there speakers almost everywhere in Thailand? Why are the crappy karaoke VCDs played so loud on the buses that the windows vibrate? Why do all the cars and ice cream vans have megaphones on top? Why are there 25 dogs outside our house that start barking hysterically at the first sign of daylight? You can find yourself in the most beautiful national park in Thailand – surrounded by the wonderful sounds of nature – and inevitably someone will spark up a 2000 watt Karaoke system and sing like a tortured banshee until 2am. Bring some ear plugs – I have boxes and boxes of them.

5. Thai music

After nearly 3 years living in Thailand I have concluded that the music here is possibly (probably?) the worst in the world. Everything seems to be formulaic karaoke-based love longs, and cover versions. Anything ‘original’ I hear is so heavily derivative as to be more or less instantly placeable into the ‘pap’ category.

6. Thai TV

Badly acted, formulaic soap opera nonsense that has a strange ability to grip the locals at the weirdest times and places.

7. Pollution / Disregard of environmental issues

Need to get rid of something? Burn it! If the air quality plummets, and 20,000 people end up in hospital with respiratory illnesses blame it on the street food stalls. Easy! Every year in Chiang Mai, between February and April the air pollution levels soar to dangerously high levels. This is predominantly because the farmers practice ‘slash & burn’ to clear their fields. In London in the UK it is considered a crisis when the PM-10 reading rises to 50, in Chiang Mai last March it topped 300 – see this post for more information.
What’s more, Thai people love to flock to their National Parks and leave piles of plastic cups and empty Whiskey bottles where they got drunk – there seems to be absolutely no sense of leaving a place as it was found. Car windows are rubbish chutes.

8. The non-confrontational “yes” attitude

Any kind of confrontation seems to be frowned upon in Thailand. This has both highly positive and frustratingly negative consequences that are reflected in all sorts of ways. As just one example, if you ask someone a question along the lines of “Will the bus be leaving at 10am?” you will more often that not be told “yes” whatever the answer. This of course can lead to some undesirable consequences – in that the bus doesn’t leave at 10am, you end up missing your flight/boat/train. If you have to speak English to Thai people whilst in Thailand (because you can’t speak Thai), do not ask ‘leading’ questions that beg a “yes” or “no” answer. Do not ask “Do you understand?” and assume that an affirmative answer actually means your point was understood.

9. The all westerners have money attitude

Why do we have to pay TEN TIMES as much as Thai people to go to a National Park? Why are there blatantly two separate pricing structures based on skin colour? This attitude becomes very wearing when you live here and have approximately the same financial resources as the locals.

10. Suspect driving skills

Whenever I drive out onto Thai roads, I feel it could be my last time. There are no road rules here, save for the “I’m bigger than you so f**k off” rule. Every day I see cars in gridlock situations – drivers sitting and staring vacantly at each other – neither party with any idea as to who has the right of way. Cars, bikes, buses and Songthaews (bench taxis) converge on you from every direction, changing lane, overtaking and suddenly stopping without indication or warning – if you’re smaller than them, well, you’d better just get out the way.

Why does it annoy me so much? Because cars and pick-ups are killing machines, and being a motorbike driver, I have been on the receiving end of one too many near-death-experiences at the hands of drivers (especially driving pick-up trucks) in Thailand. If people can’t drive, they should drive something that doesn’t kill people (like a bicycle) until they prove they can. If people can’t drive, they should not attempt to control a Toyota Landcruiser after drinking 2 bottles of whiskey with their mates. Sadly, drink driving is the cause of thousands of deaths in Thailand each year.

And there we have it. The ten most annoying things about living in Thailand. Please feel free to post your comments or questions below Please use the Contact us form for the issuing of any death threats. 🙂

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  1. It’s a good ‘aperçu’ of some of the minuses of an expat’s Thai life… The reader can definitely feel that you’ve lived the experience…
    Be well and take it sabai-sabai! Namaste R.

  2. I recently discovered your podcast and have downloaded every episode. I am amazed at how just sound can transport the listener to places so far away. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us I have enjoyed myself every time I “listened in”.

  3. I stumbled across this blog from Mae Sot where I am living, currently its the weekend so of course the karaoke to horrible music has been blaring at neighborhood waking levels since 8am, for the second day running! yikes

  4. I’ve been living in Thailand for 6 years now and there are always some people complaining about so many things in Thailand (the food is too spicy, its too hot, the traffic is so bad etc.) if its that bad why don’t you guys go back home.

  5. Interesting comment Rudi.

    Please note what I said at the beginning of the post: “Thailand is a wonderful country to live in, with some of the friendliest people I have encountered anywhere in the world. I wouldn’t have lived here so long if that were not the case, however, every country has its pluses and minuses, and Thailand is no exception”

    Please also note that I balanced the 10 negative points here with the 10 best things about living in Thailand in this post:

  6. Ok ok in your case i was a bit to fast with my reply and I hadn’t seen your 10 best things post.(nice list btw.)

    But you having been here for quite a while too you have to admit there are many people who just complain about al the bad stuff in this country and forget about al the good things here.

  7. Can’t beleieve noone else seems to find the way people walk on the streets in Bangkok annoying. People walk 4+ wide taking the entire space and don’t move when people walk towards them in the opposite direction. People walking out of doorways not looking at all if they’re stepping out into your path. People zig-zagging for no reason. Drives me nuts. I can accept all the other annoyances in this place in the main but this one is something that even after 6 years of living here irritates me like nothing else I have ever encountered.

  8. Rudi Wals – you’ve been here so long you’re turning Thai! What a stupid thing to say, that people can’t express negative opinions about something. Just give the “Go home foreigner” super-ignorant response. Thai people ignore a lot of issues in their country as they don’t like to address problems, whereas in many other places in the world we resolve issues and thereby feel our lives are better. Whilst foreigners have little chance of changing much in Thailand, telling people they can’t express their feelings is a really ignorant statement.

  9. Just a tip for the extra rates paid by foreigners when visiting museums and nationnal parks.
    If you are legally working in Thailand just show them your driving license and tell you allready pay taxes in Thailand. Allways worked for us except theginese run alligator farm in Bangkok. First time, I got pissed off and ended up speaking with the local manager, got a 50% price reduction on the farang price but still not the Thai price. Went back there a year after, still got pissed off but this time managed to get the Thai price. Their logic was that I had to speak Thai to get the Thai price so I guess my Thai improved enough in a year … ; )

  10. Why Thai’s do not wear swim suits? It is (1) about money. Thai’s do not see the need to spend money on something that they do not feel they need. And (2), it is about skin color. Thai’s do not want to be “black skinned”.

  11. Wow, most of those were like you read my mind. I’ve been here for three years – however I’m not slipping into a ‘I hate this place’ phase, a year ago I would have agreed 100% – no I think you are to light – time for me to go.

  12. Yes, very very very well put your article is! Immature and stuborn thai people are bigtime. The way they treat us foreigners is pure greediness. I am happier here than in Canada but somethings are just so retarded about these culture messed up people its actually quite funny. They and us are forced to stand for national anthem in parks twice a day LOL. They cant fight 1on1 they have to do it in gangs and permanantly mame a person not caring if they deserve it or not. Fags are no big deal to them but lesbianism it considered so so terrible and so bad, They have an average 92 iq but ingeneral they are not much worse then people anywhere else. I like their light hearted nature and friendliness, places to travel, sonkron water day, and working as English teacher while parents pay for it thinking the kids actually need to learn it, what a country of scams lol.

  13. Your words made me laugh very hard. I have been in SE Asia for seven months and know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

  14. Thais YES they are retarded and stupid lived there for 12 months and found out what was going on after i saw past the fake smiles and lies and cheating , here’s a list

    1.driving like idiots and 200,000 people a year dead as a result why doesn’t the government do something about it , yes i know why cos they are stupid and corrupt.

    2.songkran why did they throw red paint over me ruining my expensive clothes ?

    3.lies lies and more lies ! been to resturants and been fed out of date food and other crap , i ordered chicken and got a plate of rice and just some dried up brown crap another time they gave me rotten egg omlet with rice.

    4.never trust a thai they will rip you off so just don’t believe them even if it is your girlfriend found out the hard way !

    5.i agree with everything said above ^^ by thomas.

    6.dowry its just crazy another way for parents to get money by selling their daughters besides just selling their children anyway which some thais do.

    7.to many retarded things to mention really we will probably be driving round in flying cars before they learn how to drive and in 1000 years time they will probably still be just as retarded.

  15. How about the language. I have been practing thai for about two years. Thais have no “situational” understanding of when a farang speaks Thai. If a Thai says to m, ” where you go. I know that mean where are you going. If I say By ni but dont pronounce the ni correctly they will look at me as If I am speaking complete nonsense. C’mon put it together.

  16. Ryan, sometimes you have to qualify the fact that you are currently speaking Thai. Add a few extra words i.e. ‘Bpai nai na khrap’? instead of just ‘Bpai nai’ and there’s a greater chance they will recognise that you are trying to speak Thai. With such a short sentence like that and with incorrect tones (nai – rising tone) they’ll think you’re speaking English.

    I too was frustrated at first but as you get better it’ll become easier for you and you’ll then be fed up of hearing ‘Puut Thai dai chaat jaang loei!’.

  17. An Excellent post. Also to add David writes comments that compare to a person who has lived and breathed in Thailand.
    Please no replies like ‘If you don’t like Thailand’ why are you hear….this is so childish and tiring

  18. I have lived in Thai land for just 5 months.
    Everything in your post I have seen here.
    No one can think outside the box here, and it annoys me.
    I am going home to Canada in 7 days and I have never been so happy to think about setting my feet back down in my own country.
    I actually fed our famuly MSG’S for 3 weeks because I could not read a label,,,,the stuff was sold beside the salt and looks like salt.
    I want to be literate again,,,
    I am glad for the experience but know I will never return to thailand
    It is far to frustrating here, and quite frankly behind that sweet smile,,I believe is a passive aggressive smile

  19. Just came across this post after becoming so frustrated with this country after having lived here for the past few years (on and off). Having never been to Pattaya in all that time, I thought I would visit. This trip just confirmed to me everything I had been feeling and experiencing. Everything in Thomas post is so true, including most of the comments. I know its time to leave this land of “unreal people” with their terrible service and lack of understanding and commonsense and false smiles.
    To want to live here, things must be really bad at home, or you are escaping something. Goodbye Thailand.

  20. Caveat: I’m happpy here.

    Bad points: Everything is smiley happy to your face, meanwhile your coworkers complain to your boss about how you’re getting all of October off (at half pay) and they’re only allowed 2 weeks off, and your boss changes your holiday allowance without informing you.

    Fuck that. They’ll be short their entire farang staff if they fuck us about like that.

    Also, Mai Ben Rai. To put it simply, I want to write a punk song titled ‘mai ben rai til you die’. As has already been said, driving here is fucking dangerous.

    Further on Mai Ben Rai is the way in which they’ll say everything is fine, until it isn’t – at which point you’ve got problems.


  21. I have been living here for 9 years now 7 years on koh Samui and 2 years on the mainland near chumphon. Most of what you say I agree with I do hold hands with my Thai wife in public and someone’s give her a peck on the forehead but that’s all. Your average thai girl won’t be seen in a swimming costume as nudity is deemed disrespectful, you also missed out that the thais always think there right even when they know there wrong.
    And I have brought up two children not my own gave a lot to this country so I think I have the right to be critical so please don’t tell me if I don’t like it go home as that’s so childish

  22. Never trust the women, they want our $. English agents are manipulative scam artists. If you work in a school tell a thai teacher to tell all the others you have a gf, if not you will be chased constantly and its such a pain, in every school. Being chased right now by an old ugly hag, she does not clue in that im not interested, typical stupid thai lol. So dont use online dating, no need. If so already have a reason to travel somewhere or 90% of the females play nothing but games online so assume the worst, DONT go meet them, they will either not show up or meet you then say they want to go look at dresses. After the date go home never reply to your messages again, total low life mentality! Just because its a person from internet, although everyone uses the internet. When ordering food, they pretend they understand and say “yes” then i get the wrong food. When you say no onions or no this or that dont let them forget, because 50% of the time they do. People say “hey you” as i drive past because im white and so interesting just because im a foreigner and when i dont respond they made snide remarks at me the next few times i drive bye. Not to mention they stay at us all like we are from another galaxy, i wish i had a shirt in thai that says “people who stare are retards” – Taxi drivers total scum! Scam so often, taking the long way from airport or just go in circles, or get out and talk to someone and pretend to be asking for directions. ALWAYS demand for them to use the meter, or walk away every time! Police are scam artists, they pull me over on my bike and i wonder if their captain even sent them out because they just fine people and pocket the money. I hide the $ in my wallet pocket and make it look like i only got 60 baht. It works every time. Im not paying 100-200, average every month. Thai’s love to scam foreigners, its pathetic. At nana plaza your pay for an hour, and the hotel alarm there or places she takes you to ring the phone after 45 minutes. Hoes are low lives. Great patriotism for BS reason. I know im negative but people need to learn the easy way, before the pure greedy scammers can take pride in scamming us. Lived a good life here but now i find there is easy good money in Alberta 🙂

  23. What gets me is Thai’s at ATMs. I know they sometimes have to do money transfers but so many of them have no idea how much is in their account and keep trying to withdraw the same amount over and over again.

    At 7/11 why do they need to count the change 4 bloody times?

    The biggest thing that irritates me is their general lack of awareness especially when driving. I could go on and on.

  24. Interesting comments, my story is I have been travelling around Thailand for the past year and spent the past five months in Chiang Mai.
    There are plenty of truths here, the sometimes conniving women, dubious goods for sale and some others..
    As far as the nudity issue goes, my girlfriend who’s from a little village outside Khaempang Phet, gets flustered when I tell her I love her.. online… we skype and she gets giggly and says she gets excited too much, go figure. Touching in public I leave up to her, she wants to , she does.
    Never had a issue with food quality, I make massive mistakes when I order dishes, and hope for the best, most of the time, they get the gist of what I would like, and also “mai phet” though that means 3 chillies instead of four sometimes… Also, I dash the server 20-40 baht at the end, and they never forget you, smiles all around next time you go there.
    Driving in CM, is generally alright, I don’t have a issue, the motorbikes are a problem and some of the daffy things they get up to, I’ll be taking my road bicycle up there with me when I go back in August, they cycle community is pretty healthy there, plenty of expats…wish me luck..
    You go to bars, you’re going to get scammed… the workers there are hugely under the pump to extract as much capital as they can every night to send back to the family… those clubs you see all of them hanging around in, they don’t get paid, they pay the club to be there.. and the club gets the bar fine, and some I’ve heard has to tell the owner how much they got from their last root and they take a cut out of that too, that’s why there’s so many freelancers.
    My Thai girlfriend has filled me in on a ton of stuff that happens between Thais, and how badly they treat each other, let alone the farang, I feel sorry for any Thai who owes money to another Thai or worse, the banks or mafia, one’s as bad as the other there. Threats, intimidation, violence and corruption are everyday.
    One word to the wise, if you lend any money to a Thai person, don’t ever expect to get paid back, it’s a lost cause.
    And if a Thai does ask you for money, he’s a crook, real Thais would lose too much face to ask a farang for money.
    I learnt that from a 35 year expat veteran, my girl owes money and I haven’t given her a penny to pay it back, she lives with me for free, and we get along fine. She told me it’s her problem, and that’s rare.. she just works from 4AM to 10PM many days to make the extra as well as providing for her family, they do have a work ethic..
    Considering what many of the gripes here are, they are fairly trivial considering how hard life can be for the Thai and how little many of them really have.. they enjoy listening to that music, full roar, at 6AM, push in the earplugs.
    Go where you see a fast turnover of food, or stuff cooked in front of you, and get used to rice, I hardly saw bread for five months… Coppers give you give, smile, respectful wai and gretting, say “kap poom” when he wants to see your license, rego and stay relaxed, if he’s dinged you for no helmet, there might a discreet hand under the ticket book,slip in 200 baht, and keep smiling, you generally get a return smile a light salute, thank him and go on your way, half the regular fine, and don’t have to go down and search for the police station down by the Ping river.. Cops too, don’t really get paid much and have to pay for uniforms, guns and all that, hence “tea money”.
    Keep a low profile, don’t get drunk and stupid, be respectful and think about the situation before you do something silly, I’ve never had any problems….

  25. Oh boy, plenty of worms in this can…the drivers…. I ride a racing bicycle around in the mornings, and I do fear for my life sometimes, aside from walking, bikes are considered a poor man’s transport, even though mine is possibly worth more than many of the clap traps out there that try and run me off the road. if you have a nice new SUV, or Merc, you can be a arrogant and disrespectful prick, because you must have money, and that means, they run into anyone it’s not their fault, as they can pay the coppers more.. So, they weave around like floppy dicks and regular people have to swerve all over the rod to avoid them, in turn making motorbike and trucks weave, and guess who’s next in the queue, yup.. On my motorbike, I refuse to drive anywhere ( I live in Chiang Mai ) after 5 pm any night of the week except to the local market up the soi…. they re all mad c*nts in a big rush to go nowhere and it seems basically like you have to try and out run cars and other motorbikes or you’ll get run over, I’ve gone down Chotana road at nearly 100kmh and still almost got smacked by some knob in his pickup who didn’t like the idea of a motorbike on the road..
    And the idea that a four lane road means that one lane is for parking, by a market, especially or a 7… Cars just stop and get out, if you’re boxed in by these clowns because you did the right thing and parked properly, you just have to wait, you’re ignored anyway… I’ve seen guys park like that, then go into a coffeeshop and sit there drinking coffee and playing with the mobile for a hour and watching over their Toyota pick up lovingly, whilst the other lane is backed up 500 metres…
    And a startling comment was said to me by a cop, of all people, he said I should get a helmet camera so when I get hit and the guy takes off, like he will, at least my family can go after the guy for my funeral expenses and pay a fine for leaving the scene of a accident… Not exactly confidence inspiring.. I’ve felt safer driving in Egypt than here….

  26. As I am married to a Thai and live in Thailand my annoyance is much different to any above. My mother-in-law calls herself Mum, instead of using the personal pronoun I. It is a very small thing but I just can’t get my head around it. ‘Mum likes this, Mum is going to the shops, etc.’ Aarrr! Just say ‘I’m going shopping’.

  27. The noise, screeching decibels …. I went to my BIL’s going to the monk ceremony 3 days of unbelievable volume from 7 Aam to midnight, wife’s gran’s funeral, screaming loud funeral music, 100 day after funeral party, more of the same unleashed decibels, the many pop up bars in my area with the massive systems in the back of pick ups, 3-4 every night, the neighbours karaoke and the local government tannoy morning and night… It’s incredible… Btw, I live in north Chiang Mai…

  28. worst imo:
    1. face vs ignorance -> 95% of thai people knows jackshit about the outerworld except for some simplistic generalisations (all farang are rich, all farang like black skinned girls, all farang eat only bread 24/7, all farang don’t shower and are dirty, all farang drink chiang beer) but yet we (farangski) cannot tell them they are wrong in their generalisations as they will lose face instantly allowing them to act violently (in group of course as thai never do things alone, they even sleep all in the same bed til kids are 12 years old or older). #3rd world
    2. thai make noise all the time (loud tv, loud karaoke, loud temple, etc) but as soon as farang speaks in a public place (eg. bus, minivan, restaurant) they give us the looks for being “loud”. the truth is again, face: they don’t understand what we are talking about which annoys them. on the other hand if you happen to speal k thai, which they do understand, they will give u the evil eye too for being here too long… #3rd world
    3. hypocrisy locally known as greng jai -> thais are notorious hypocrites. face is the main factor again. they will wai and bow (lick ***) to someone a little higher on the social ladder but will backstab the second after. it’s common business here. same goes for anyone having a business (ie. making money). as long as the client pays he/she is nice. friendship is very face-based here. #3rd world
    4. hubris: thai consider themselves SUPERIOR to burmese (“bpama”, they aren’t even aware there are many ethnics living there not being part of the bpama group but that’s another story), cambodians, lao because those countries were colonised and thailand was not. what they don’t know is that Thailand was a bufferstate and was not 100% autonomous whatsoever. both the french and the english were keeping control on many levels. #3rd world
    5. road safety: 2nd worst in the world. i rest my case #3rd world

  29. I don’t agree with no. 9. It’s not based on skin color. They just charge double or triple to anyone non-Thai. And it is reasonable. Do you know how much universities in UK charge Asian students higher than local or EU students then? Why?

  30. I agree, live over 10 years in Thailand , speak the language , was a mink for 1 year, eat the spicy food, love the country and indeed I agree with the post. Good post and nothing to do with complaining about the food is to hot or the climate, its true this is the naked truth.

  31. Sometimes, I get so frustrated because of Thai people’s bad habit. Those 10 bad characters of Thai people are your most annoying. But there are more. If you are angry or upset by Thai people, you are the one who are suffered. Because Thai people, they don’t know that they are stupid.

  32. Wife (who has just fucked some other Thai) yells at husband (on his way in his Toyota Hilux to bang some gold digging Thai girl) Yoo nai? (Where are you?) Husband responds rot dtit maak na. (I’m stuck in traffic). Bang! 15 people dead on the motorway because Thais are selfish, careless drivers who dont give a fuck about concentrating on the road and unfaithfull, selfish spouses who dont give a fuck about other people’s feelings and dignity. Prove me wrong land of fake smiles!

  33. Nice post. It is so true and lot of comment from farang. I am Thai. I feel horrible to read what you guys were talking about as. I can tell you that 10 worst things of Thailand will stay in our blood and will not change within one year or a hondred years. I hate it as much as you guys hate, but the government like a god here and poor and stupid people will do anything to survive,So accept it or find a better country what suit you.

  34. Listen I am English and can slag of plenty of things about that country and if someone else does it I am not offended in the slightest. I am in Thailand at the moment though I don’t live here nor would I ever consider it, if for no other reason the bloody air is practically unbreathable in ALL the town’s big and small because Thai people seem to be completely incapable of walking and would rather like out car, motorbike fumes for the rest of us to choke on. As for the driving here crossing the road as a pedestrian is a near suicidal mission every time. So there.

  35. Absolutely no sense of social responsibility here and why oh why all the plastic bags and bloody straws. You can’t by a single satay stick without it being triple wrapped in plastic and the 7 bloody 11 which are naturally every 10 metres because Thais don’t or maybe can’t walk will give a carrier back for a cigarette lighter and a straw for a thimble full of milk. Where is their common sense ??? Any ability to self adjudicate a decision or any indication of intelligence or are they automaton ?

  36. On reflection it’s probably Buddhist fatalism, shit happens if it happens it was destined. I am not going to help anyone because they must have done something terrible in a previous life for me not to….put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, if it misfires it was ordained. Thought about not putting it to your head in the first place ?

  37. I was there visiting family that I had not seen for 20 years. I grew up there until I was 7 years old and moved to the states. I cannot believe how my family treated me as if I was this rich American and asked for so many house items on the second day of my trip. They are incredibly greedy, “what’s in it for me” and they don’t care whether you are family or not. Needless to say, I cut by trip short and will never go back again maybe to vacation spots or

  38. If they hate farang so much, why are they so desperate for a farang husband.
    It is disgusting so many farangs got trapped into relationships with those manipulative, exploitative and pretentious Thais and their exploitative Thai families. No wonder those Thais are so inappropriately arrogant. And most of them can’t even string a decent sentence in English.
    The way those inhumane, grasping Thais exploited us travelers with their shabby service is shocking. Then I realized they are just another horrible Asian country with horrible Chinese and Indian influence. It is also horrible the way they kept on increasing the price at their whim and fancies. Beware of their unscrupulous Asiatic tactics.

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