Female intuition – unique to women?

Female intuition – is it unique to women?

“No” says the Swedish professor Lars-Erik Björklund after having done brain research on the topic of intuition the past many years. He says it is simply neurobiology.

Intuition is apparently not female nor unique, it is usually a result of years of experience and saved up knowledge which can give you a “feeling” in or of a situation. So the more experience you have – the more intuition.

The more variations of different situations we have experienced in our life, the greater the likelihood that we recognise and react correctly in a given situation.

It can be a matter of smells, movements, an indescribable combination of impressions that we use.

According to professor Björklund the memories and feelings that our memory is full of are only stored if they really affect us. Hence we can’t study to be more intuitive. We have to experience it.

I wonder how he would explain the fact that most women know when something is wrong with their child (even if there are no symptoms) or that her husband is cheating on her…when she has no previous experience of such kind?

It’s quite an interesting debate. Please feel free to comment.