Female intuition – unique to women?

Female intuition – is it unique to women?

“No” says the Swedish professor Lars-Erik Björklund after having done brain research on the topic of intuition the past many years. He says it is simply neurobiology.

Intuition is apparently not female nor unique, it is usually a result of years of experience and saved up knowledge which can give you a “feeling” in or of a situation. So the more experience you have – the more intuition.

The more variations of different situations we have experienced in our life, the greater the likelihood that we recognise and react correctly in a given situation.

It can be a matter of smells, movements, an indescribable combination of impressions that we use.

According to professor Björklund the memories and feelings that our memory is full of are only stored if they really affect us. Hence we can’t study to be more intuitive. We have to experience it.

I wonder how he would explain the fact that most women know when something is wrong with their child (even if there are no symptoms) or that her husband is cheating on her…when she has no previous experience of such kind?

It’s quite an interesting debate. Please feel free to comment.

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  1. I tend not to be a biological deterministic myself. More studied tend to discredit those views, but I think for many other reasons more women are intuitive than men and many women feel it comes naturally to them as well. Either way, I think it should be celebrated!

  2. I think intuition is not only found in women. But of course, I am more persuaded to say that women will be more aligned to be intuitive. But the fact is intuition is what makes us human being, although I am sure even animal are intuitive too. Its kind of a safeguard so to speak, one that protects us from the vagaries and unpredictability and predictability of our universe. Its more of a spiritual energy, and I dont need to wax esoteric to prove the point, but without intuition we should surely be robotic. The sad thing is that most of us choose to ignore intuition especially if there are material considerations in the picture. What I am trying to get at is that intuition is a guide that both helps to avert the calamities of the universe and capture the opportunities.

  3. Dear Eva and Masimba,

    Thank you both for the very valuable comments. I do think that although both women and men may be intuitive, it should a “feeling” that we value and listen to. Not listening to our intuition it what brings us to situations in which we say “I knew I should have…” or ” I just had a feeling that…”.

    So listen to that inner feeling…apparently even your experiences tells you what to do (if intuition is based on experience).

    Best wishes,

  4. A woman will in many cases be more sensitive to other peoples “body language”, a capacity that come s from the same implicit memories as intuition. Exeperience based, outcomemarked ( somatic markers) memories. She has usually more encounters with the baby and will therefore recognice chnages in the wellbeing of it. In the same way she will “feel” the changed behaviour of a cheating husband. He will without knowing it send subtle bodysignals, showing a change in affection. The causes of intuition will also make us behave without us knowing about it.
    Regards Lars

  5. well female intuition is only the act of normal thinking when something appears obvious or probable (men also do occasionally think these things but are not rude at the point to actually say it)
    due to facts taken and without any logical assumption without proof
    example(my teacher has 1 or 2 aspects that makes him look gay and one of my female colleges actually says: “our teacher is gay” at that point i actually face palmed (she had the same thought but how can she be so certain of that without proof or facts
    so i said to her: why would you actually say that? the answer was “female intuition”
    until my days i haven’t sen one woman who was right about that just because of it
    i later asked my teacher if he was or not married
    he had 2 ex wives and 2 adorable children
    so in such case she was absolutely wrong
    so in other words they simply believe that just because men don’t express what they think because it’s rude
    they do because they believe they have a 6th sense
    and use it so often because they are absolutely certain of something they’re not
    so basically it just doesn’t exist

  6. To comment above, I do believe in female intuition which may be unique to them, not to men, why ?

    In your case above, Just because he had relationships with women and had children DOES NOT mean he is 100% straight.

    He may be confused about his gender, could be one of the reasons he has separated with his ex-wives. In that case, he needs a therapy.

    Or did you watch brokeback mountain ? see how the guy married and had sex with a woman ? still his inner most desired partner was Heath Ledger?

    WTF ?

    Because, women just have the intuition in certain things men don’t have.

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