Podcast: Coffee enema – do it yourself detox

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Coffee Enema bagCoffee Enemas have been used for over a hundred years as a generalized detoxification procedure. I do a DIY coffee enema every two months or so. The procedure stimulates the liver and gallbladder to release stored toxins and wastes and liver function is enhanced. The immediate benefits for me are always a relief in my stomach, a feeling of well-being and increased metabolism.

It is also a very cheap procedure because you can do it at home yourself and all you really need is a special enema bag (which costs about 130 baht or $4), purified water and some organic coffee.

It is interesting to note that drinking a cup of coffee has an entirely different effect from that of using it as a cleansing enema.

At the top is a podcast we made about coffee enemas. Enjoy I did 🙂


37 thoughts on “Podcast: Coffee enema – do it yourself detox”

  1. I have a few questions which I think are pertinent:

    How far up you bum does the tube go?
    Do you need to put jelly around it to help it up?
    I am guessing the drip uses gravity to push the coffee up, therefore you must hang it high?
    Why must you use organic coffee…?

  2. Dear Tony,

    Thank you for your questions. I will try to answer them as well as I can (without sounding “porno”).

    1. You will need to insert the tube a minimum of three centimeter in order for it not to slip out.

    2. Whether you use jelly (such as KY jelly or the gel that sometimes comes with the enema bag) is really a matter of personal preference. The benefit of using jelly is that it is easier to insert the tube. However, when the tube is lubricated it also slips out easier. If this is your first time doing an enema I will advice you to lubricate the tube.

    3. The majority of enema bags have a hook attached to them and it is easy to hang this hook in a string or on a clothes hanger. I used both. I have attached a string to the hook of the enema bag and I hang this one on a clothes hanger. I then hang the hanger on the towel holder next to the bathtub. You can adjust the length of the string and this will regulate the speed in which the coffee flows into your intestines: if you hang the bag low it will be flowing slowly and if you hang it high it will flow fast. I recommend you to hang it fairly low (like on the back of a chair) – this way you will not feel overwhelmed by the amount of liquids in your intestines and can stop the fluid coming (with the stopper on the tube). Just make sure the level of the bag is best for your particular comfort and needs. Each person has a different preference.

    4. It is very important to use organic coffee, and if possible lightly roasted beans (which have more caffeine). Regular, non-organic coffee is full of chemicals which would be absorbed in an enema. Also distilled or purified water must be used to ensure you have the cleanest purest water is entering the body. Coffee enemas are also useful in relieving cold symptoms or a toxic headache. When introduced through the colon coffee does not act on the nervous system.

    Besides coffee enema you can also try:

    – Garlic helps kill parasites, harmful bacteria, and cleanses mucous congestion. Blend 6 garlic cloves in 2 cups water and strain. For small children, use 1 clove garlic to 1 pint water.

    – Catnip is effective for stomach and digestive conditions, and for childhood diseases. Use 2 cups of very strong brewed tea to 1-qt. of water.

    – Pau d’arco normalizes body pH, especially against immune deficient diseases like chronic yeast and fungal infections. Use 2 cups of very strong brewed tea to 1-qt. of water.

    – Spirulina helps detoxify both blood and bowels. Use 2 TBS. powder to 1-qt. water.

    – Lobelia counteracts food poisoning, especially if vomiting prevents antidote herbs being taken by mouth.

    – Aloe vera heals tissues in cases of hemorrhoids and irritable bowel.

    – Lemon juice rapidly neutralizes an acid system, cleanses the colon and bowel.

    – Acidophilus relieves gas, yeast infections and candidacies. Mix 4-oz. powder in 1-qt. water.

    – Fresh wheatgrass juice enemas stimulate the liver to cleanse. Wheatgrass enema nutrients are absorbed by the hemorrhoidal vein, just inside the anal sphincter, then circulate to the liver where they increase peristaltic action of the colon, and attract waste and old fecal matter like a magnet to be eliminated from the body. Wheatgrass juice tones the colon and is absorbed into the blood, adding oxygen and energy to the body.

    Good luck with the detox:-)

    With love,

  3. what a wonderful podcast, I learned a lot. should i try coffee or lemon juice or wheatgrass? do you have any recommendations?

    also, how much coffee do you use?

    i am very into this kind of detox, how fascinating!

    yr energy is lovely!

  4. Hi There,

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    I would definitely recommend you to try the coffee enema (I am a personal fan of this one).

    I buy organic coffee that is already in a small bag (one bag is suitable for one coffee enema). If you can’t find these bags-just ask in your local health shop and I am sure they will be able to advice you on the amount to use of powder coffee.

    Remember only to do the coffee enema in the first part of the day – otherwise it may keep you awake all night.

    Best wishes and good luck,

  5. Hi Tina
    Facinated by your pod cast. I’ve been looking into doing my first coffee enema after reading about the health benefits and I think your site was the most helpful and informtive I found – well done for that! I have a couple of question if you don’t mind answering? Its so I get it right first time.
    1. I am still unsure how much coffee to use. If I am understanding correctly you mix the ground coffee with a litre of purified water and heat together. Making sure it goes to body temperature before using.
    2. Its best to leave the mixture inside for 15 mins (is that from the time all the coffee has drained inside of you)?
    3. Do you know anything about getting rid colon plaque? I have been watching a program where coffee enames were given once a day for a week to remove this plaque. Do you think this is safe to do?
    Thanks for any info you can provide – once again fantasic pod cast – hope you do more!

    PS – has you interview plucked up the courage yet (I suggested it to my husband and it was a definate no).
    Kind Regards

  6. Dear Jac,

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    I will answer your questions in order as good as I can.

    1. I buy small packs of organic coffee in health shops. They already have the right measure/size. Then I boil purified water and put in one pack of organic coffee to about 1200 ml water. I leave the coffee bag inside until the water has body temperature (Luke-warm).
    2. I start the 15 min from the time the coffee starts going in (it only takes about 1 min for 1.2 litres to enter the intestines). I think you will find it hard to keep it inside more than that.
    3. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question about colon plaque. But I think it is perfectly safe to do a coffee enema once a day for a week. After all coffee enemas are used daily for years by people submitting themselves to the Gerson alternative cancer treatment. Many people also do coffee enemas on a daily basis when fasting. I would try it out if I thought it would help me.

    As to your question whether Thomas plucked up the courage…no unfortunately not:-). Although he is open-minded he doesn’t really like the idea of having a coffee enema himself. I might be able to persuade him in the future…but it will surely be without video or podcasts equipment 🙂

    Best wishes,

  7. Hi Tina, Im really interested in coffee enama. I feel it might help me. I’m unsure about being in the bathtub. Are you standing up in the tub when your doing the enema? Do you have water in the tub like a bubble bath? Are you laying in the water when doing the enama? I would rather do it at home.

    Thank you

  8. Dear Tonja,

    Thank you for your positive response.

    To answer your question: I am laying on my back in the bathtub with my legs on the sides. That way it’s easy to insert the tube and you do not put any pressure on your stomach etc.

    Also the advantage of doing it in a bathtub is that once you have been laying there for about 12 minutes your body is ready to get the coffee enema out and you may “spill a bit” (so to speak) before getting to the toilet and it’s nice just to be able to rinse the bath and yourself with hot sopy water.

    Therefore, I don’t put water in the bathtub but I suppose you could if it makes you more comfortable which is really the most important thing.

    I usually have a towel under my head and read a book while waiting for the coffee enema to work.

    For those people who do not have a bathtub -it is still possible to do the coffee-enema. You can place yourself on a towel in the bathroom with your legs on the toilet and it will be the same. Whatever way you do it -you just have to be as comfortable as possible.

    Some people also stand on all four while doing it or lay on the side -it’s all totally okay.

    Good luck with the enema and do feel free to write back if you have any more questions.

    Best wishes,

  9. Guys, I just did my first enema, from a 250mL bottle bought at a drug store in Panama to relieve travel constipation, and it was a total relief (which I did every day for the rest of the trip!) and actually found it a perfectly pleasant (and a bit funny) experience, not mention relieving.
    The whole thing has got me interested in my digestive health, which I think has been problematic for years without me really paying attention to it. So I’ve booked a colonic irrigation, started eating more fibre, and foods like ginger, green tea with peppermint, licorice, oatmeal, wheatgrass, corn, and will now try your coffee enema! The bags can be bought via the web at
    EnemaEquipment.com . I’ve been told it’s good to take acidophilis bacteria suppliments afterwards as the enema removes some of the bacteria required for a healthy digestive system and proper digestion.
    Well, your podcast was fun, your interviewer sounds like Miles from “This Life” (an excellent TV show from 15 years ago – he also played Peter, Matt Damon’s final lover in the Talented Mr Ripley)

  10. Thank you very much for this very informative podcast. I feel that both of you handled this very professionally. It is sometimes hard to discuss enemas without some type of trepidation.

    I have to say that this is the finest example of a discussion of this topic that I have found.

    Thank you!!

  11. Thank you for the coffee enema information. It is very helpful. I wonder if I can add garlic to the coffee enama to kill off some harmful bacteria.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  12. Hi Kathy,

    You shouldn’t have them too often. Tina used to have one every couple of weeks in Chiang Mai.

    Good luck!

  13. Hi,
    I am trying with coffee enema with my mother that is a very advanced cancer patient. She is completely imobile and not very concious, sleepy all the time. She also has no control over bowel movement that keeps coming out.
    I have difficulties doing the enema as it seems to come out imediately and not able to keep it inside for 15min. I read that actually all coffee should be asorbed and nothing should come out. I kindly ask for your help, if anyone had a similar situation.

  14. Hi Tina, very interesting I’m so glad I came across your site, could you please explain the wheatgrass enema in a bit more detail ie: mixture amounts etc, I know this started about the coffee enema but I would really appreciate it.


  15. Hi Tina, I have a question about enema.
    I know that enema not only help to get rid of the toxin, but you also loosing a lot of ‘’important stuff’’ like vitamins, etc…, and because of that your electrolyte balance might be disturbed.
    What are the most important supplements necessary to keep good balance, except eating fresh fruits and vegetables?
    Gerson therapy talks mostly about potassium, but is there anything else we should add to that?



  16. Hi Priscilla,

    In Thailand I used to do a coffee enema every month or so. But I havnt not done any recently because I eat a lot more healthy food (non-fried food) in Denmark and have not felt the need to clean out as much.

    Best wishes

  17. Hi Nat

    When I do an enema – it’s a coffee enema. This means that I just boil bottle water and add organic nescafe (coffee specially made for enemas) to it.

    Best wishes

  18. hey i was just wondering what actually comes out of you when you have finished the enema? and is it best to masage your tumy while doing the enema? thankyou very interesting stuff! xx

  19. i notice when i workout i have a very smelly and bad order someone suggested coffee enama to me but since reading i think i maybe should use lemon juice enama, would u please tell me more about that enama and tell me more info about the aela vera enama as well my husband sits a lot for his work and now is experiencing hemmoroids. please give me detail info.
    thank you soo much

  20. Can you tell me where I can buy an enema bag in Chiang Mai? I went to a couple medical supply shops and they had no idea what I was asking for, and gave me the strangest looks when I tried to explain with hand gestures :O Thank you!

  21. Hi Tiffany,
    On the big road that leads up to Wat Umong from the moat there is a hospital. Across from that hospital there are some restaurants. One of them is a vegetarian Thai restaurant and they have enema bags for sure 🙂 Sorry I can no longer remember the name of the road.
    Good luck.

    Best wishes,

  22. is there any video to demonstrate how to do the procedure “Coffee Anema” ?

    If you are regular diet, will it okay to do the procedure every day?

  23. Hi Tina and Thomas, thanks for all of the helpful info you provided about coffee enemas and liver detox. I just had my first coffee enema and feel very hungry afterwards. Is it okay to eat food such as rice or bread? Or should I just drink fluids such as broth and juices for the first few hours after a coffee enema? Thanks for your time.


  24. Can this be done with any form of alcohol if I am looking for a very sterilizing effect? Perhaps an organic vodka or something similar?

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