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It’s bloody cold in England, LOOK!

January 13th, 2010 | Thomas | England, In the news, Travel | 1 Comment »

Satellite photo of Britain in the snow - Winter 2009Every time I return to England, it seems almost immediately there is a weather-related superlative issued for the month I choose to return. We all know the Brits are obsessed with weather, but in June 2007 it was the wettest/worst June since records began (hundreds of years ago), this winter, it has already been the coldest Winter for 30 or 40 years. And counting.

With temperatures as low as -22 Celsius, and a decent covering of snow: 10,000 schools are shut, the economy is losing 600 million pounds a day, old people are burning cheap second hand books to warm their houses (it’s cheaper than coal!) and the RSPB is regularly publishing warnings about imminent irrecoverable bird deaths.

So what did I do (apart from feeding the birds)? I tried to get back to Spain, on Easyjet, from Gatwick. Not a very sound plan. I ended up wasting the day in queues of people whilst waiting for the inevitable “Flight cancelled” confirmation. In the end it came, and I headed back to Oxford, only to try again another day…

You’ll perhaps be pleased to know (I was) that I made it back to Spain having rescheduled my flight for 3 days later. I got to Barcelona, wasn’t as pleasantly surprised as I’d hoped by the ‘warm climes’ here, and have promptly set about sorting out my crap Sony Vaio (sounds like it has chronic wind) so that I can get on with my IVOZI audio work soon.

On that note, I finally got my hands on the Zoom H2 Recorder and will be starting recording again in a couple of days.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my mother’s back garden in Eynsham, England where I stayed during my weather related incarceration. I tried to feed the birds, but my nuts promptly froze.

Snow in Eynsham, England - Winter 2009/2010

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One Response to “It’s bloody cold in England, LOOK!”

  1. Dan
    January 31st, 2010 @ 7:11 am

    I’ve been hearing a lot about the bad winter the UK is having this year. Having lived there before, I’m quite shocked by what I’ve heard. Winters there are usually fairly mild (albeit wet).

    Heading back to Spain seems like a good idea, though I can see why flights were canceled given that the UK is not accustomed to the bad weather they’ve been having. I’m hoping things warm up before my next trip back there!


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