Theta Healing Courses in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Theta healing is a meditation technique developed by Vianna Stibal. It directly addresses the subconscious mind to change the subconscious “bugs and blocks” in ourselves and is a way to make changes in your life. Using the theta-brainwave it can change old beliefs and as we all know – success in every aspect of your life is determined by your beliefs.

My old girlfriend Signe is a well-known theta healer and she says that ‘instead of walking around wanting something, you should teach yourself what it feels like to have it – and attract it into your life. With theta healing you can teach your body new feelings in seconds that might have taken you a life time to learn’.

This healing technique is also known to have helped people:

"¢ Heal emotional trauma and personal relationships
"¢ Self help for financial and health issues
"¢ Personal growth and spirituality

The courses take place in Chiang Mai (in the Holiday Garden Resort) on December 8th – December 10th (Basic course – DNA2) and December 15th – December 17th (DNA2 advanced) 2007.

I will participate in the course myself and I am very excited about it because in my experience Signe is a very good healer and I think the course will be very beneficial for me.

For more information please go to Signe’s website:

Theta Healing Courses in Chiang Mai in December 2007