Video: Panajachel at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

This video shows the amazing views of Lake Atitlan from Panajachel, Guatemala. It gives you glimpses of the magic surrounding the lake and of the city of Panajachel itself.

Driving from Antigua to Panajachel was quite a hairy ride. You drive along steep cliffs at a far from safe speed, but the views are amazing. Also the higher you get up, the mistier it becomes and suddenly you are surrounded by maize fields and you start imagining yourself as part of the film “Children of the corn” 🙂 scary

Arriving at Panajachel in the late afternoon when it was raining didn’t leave the best first hand impression, but shortly after it cleared up and we went to have the first view of the lake impressive. However, not nearly as impressive as it looked the morning after when we got up at 6 and went down to the lake. The sun was rising over the volcanoes in the distance, the mist lifting up from the water and the green mountain sides melting your soul. It was so beautiful and I immediately understood why this place attracts so many people.

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  1. Thank-you for the beautiful video. I have been only one time so far, but plan on possibly living there for part of the year(cold months in the east USA). You show my grandfather’s retirement houses in the background of the beginning of your video. His main house has 2 archways that frame the 2 volcanoes across the lake and there are chairs and a sofa and hammock to sit and soak in all the beauty. He really picked a great spot!! My oldest brother is lucky that he has dual citizenship since he was born in Guatemala City. I can’t wait to go again!!

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