Video: Copenhagen Pride 2008

This video shows the amazing Pride parade in Copenhagen. The parade took place today.

Copenhagen pride is a yearly returning event and it is definitely a worthwhile experience to watch or participate as you wish.

The event is basically celebrating the rights and freedom of homosexuals and this year’s theme was “We celebrate because we can!”. And there is a lot to be said for that. In many countries around the world, homosexuality is not only frowned upon – it is punished with jail (like in India) or simply beating up by narrow-minded citizens who face no charges for their doing.

In Denmark we were so fortunate to be the first country in the world to allow for gay marriages. It became legal in 1989 when the gay couples could finally tie the knot as well with their loved one.

Copenhagen Pride is a celebration of love and a recognition that love comes in many shapes and sizes and it is not for other people to judge how we love or who we love. We should all be free to love the one we want.

So go out and do it.

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