Theta Healing Courses in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Theta healing is a meditation technique developed by Vianna Stibal. It directly addresses the subconscious mind to change the subconscious “bugs and blocks” in ourselves and is a way to make changes in your life. Using the theta-brainwave it can change old beliefs and as we all know – success in every aspect of your life is determined by your beliefs.

My old girlfriend Signe is a well-known theta healer and she says that ‘instead of walking around wanting something, you should teach yourself what it feels like to have it – and attract it into your life. With theta healing you can teach your body new feelings in seconds that might have taken you a life time to learn’.

This healing technique is also known to have helped people:

"¢ Heal emotional trauma and personal relationships
"¢ Self help for financial and health issues
"¢ Personal growth and spirituality

The courses take place in Chiang Mai (in the Holiday Garden Resort) on December 8th – December 10th (Basic course – DNA2) and December 15th – December 17th (DNA2 advanced) 2007.

I will participate in the course myself and I am very excited about it because in my experience Signe is a very good healer and I think the course will be very beneficial for me.

For more information please go to Signe’s website:

Theta Healing Courses in Chiang Mai in December 2007

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  1. Hi there!

    I could not manage to send a message in the contact part of this website, I am interesting in following a theta healing course in thailand, does anyone know where I can do it in the next 2 months, because everywhere I looked for one they say the course are already done for this year..Please help me! lol

    By the way if you have this website’s email address can you give it to me please so i can conctact them.

    Thank you.

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