Video: Samoeng loop motorbike trip, Chiang Mai

The Golden Triangle Rider website describes the Samoeng / Mae Sa valley loop as “…the best 100 kms ride in North Thailand“. We have done the loop several times now, and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get out of Chiang Mai and see some of the surrounding countryside and mountains for the day.

A few weeks ago, on a sunny weekend day, a group of us decided to do the loop to get out of Chiang Mai for the afternoon. It was the first time Tina and I had taken the video camera out with us on the bike…you can see the resulting 5 minute video below.

The Samoeng loop is usually about 100kms (if you follow the route on the GT Rider website), however we took a bit of a detour through some villages and rice paddies to go to the Mae Sap cave which meant that the trip ended up nearer 130kms. Unfortunately, as we didn’t have a torch/flashlight with us we weren’t able to venture more than a few metres inside the cave…so if you’re planning on heading there, take one!

If you’re interested in doing the trip yourselves – we recommend referring to the map on the GT Rider website. We would like to thank Death in Vegas for using a sample from the tune ‘Aisha’ in the video.