Odins pocket-park – Is this a park???

The municipality of Copenhagen decided to create a new park in Copenhagen. Now when I think about a ”park” I always have in mind a space with air, green grass and trees. A place where you can enjoy nature and get away from the city. What do you imagine?

When they ”built” Odins pocketpark (Odins Lommepark in Danish) I was so disappointed. As you can see on the picture, more than half of it is cement, and there is absolutely no grass what-so-ever.

I suppose the obvious ”symbolism” is a green crack in the cement. But honestly, they could have made the ”whole” thing a grassfield and that would have been more of a green crack in the cement. Nørrebro is all cement. Did we really need a cement park???

Amager Fælled: The green get-away in Amager and Ørestad, Copenhagen

On this cold afternoon, in a month that should be spring, I went for a long walk with my darling sister and gorgeous niece in Amager Fælled.

Amager Fælled is a nice, swampy nature reserve where you can walk, run and cycle and enjoy a break from the traffic on Amager and the new constructions in Ørestad.

The place originally served as a shooting range for the military, when they trained in gun use, but was abandoned in 1956 for park use.

In the 1990s Amager Fælled was declared protected.

The Bhubing Palace (royal winter residence) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Bhubing Palace is located on Doi Buak Ha, about 4 km behind Doi Suthep (22 km from the center of Chiang Mai city) in Chiang Mai Province. It is the royal winter palace in Chiang Mai where the Thai king stays with his family during seasonal visits to the northern part of the country. The palace is also the royal guesthouse for prominent State visitors from abroad. In the past the king welcomed or granted royal audience to State visitors only in Bangkok.

The palace was built in 1961. The building started initially with only the royal resident building and the guesthouse. The other buildings were additionally built on later dates. I didn’t find the palace very spectacular but it is surrounded by beautiful flower gardens.

The opening hours to the public are on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as holidays, when the Thai Royal Family is not in residence. The entrance fee is 50 baht.

The Bhubing Palace (Royal winter residence) in Chiang Mai, Thailand