Finally in Peru

Yesterday I finally entered Peru at the inland La TinaMacará border crossing. The drive took 9 hours from Loja in Ecuador to Piura in Peru, and passed through some stunning Andean scenery, before descending into the hot and dusty lowlands of Northern Peru. The temperature difference was quite a shock after a month at 2,000 metres or more in the mountains.

Peru Ecuador border crossing - La Tina & Macara

This photo shows me in ‘no man’s land’, on the bridge entering Peru with La Tina in the background.

I’ve crossed a lot of land borders before in Asia and out here, but this was easily the most relaxed out of all of them. A gentle stroll across the river, no queues to get the entry stamps, and the solitary Ecuadorian border guard even shared some of his sugar cane with me to chew on as I walked across into Peru.

I’ll be visiting some of the less famous but equally important archaeological sites in Northern Peru over the next couple of weeks, before making my way to Lima and onto the main Gringo trail towards Macchu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.

Overland from Colombia to Venezuela

Overland from Colombia to Venezuela
Overland from Colombia to Venezuela

We ignored all warnings and decided to cross the border between Colombia and Venezuela overland.

We had been staying for a few days in the lovely little village Mompos in Colombia. To get out of this city we had to take a “jeep”. We thought that sounded reasonable enough…until we realised that we were 18 people plus heavy luggage travelling with one car. The result: The car broke into two…several time. As you can see on the picture in which we are, again, stranded in the middle of nowhere.

We finally reached Buracamanga after 9 instead of 6 hours and obviously lost our onwards bus. Lucky we got the next overnight bus to Cucuta in Venezuela and it all went smooth from there…except Thomas being covered in dust from top to toe…having been a gentleman and sat in the back of the car the whole way 🙂