Sound file: The sounds of Thailand

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Yesterday I finally got around to editing together some of the random audio snippets I have had on my computer since I left Thailand. This sound compilation contains radio clips, sounds recorded in our street, animal noises, music recorded at our local temple and lots more.

The final song, although not Thai, was ubiquitous in Thailand for the first two years I lived there. It will also conjure up a few memories for a some special friends. You know who you are ;-).

Girls on a parade in Sukhothai, Thailand for Loi Krathong

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  1. Thesse sounds of Thailand are just what I need for a display on Thailand I’m doing this Sunday. I tried to download the MP3 files but got an error message. Is there any other way to download these sounds? Please replay a.s.a.p. Today is Feb 3, 2011 Thanks.

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