Podcast: Isla de Ometepe & San Juan del Sur

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Isla de Ometepe and San Juan del Sur are two of the emerging tourist destinations in Nicaragua. We begin this podcast with sounds from the trip between Granada and Isla de Ometepe by boat, and finish up on the beach in San Juan del Sur via Maderas volcano & the jungle.

Tom standing on Maderas volcano, Isla de Ometepe

This podcast also contains sound clips from “Crazy Dave” himself, owner of Hideout Surf Camp on Maderas beach. If you’re looking for accommodation on Maderas beach and are thinking of staying there, we suggest you listen to this first :-).


Photos of Isla de Ometepe and the Maderas volcano.
Photos of San Juan del Sur & Maderas beach.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Isla de Ometepe & San Juan del Sur”

  1. is Dave still alive? I stayed with im years ago but he had no mail address or email or anything. Id love to get back in touch with him

  2. He was alive when I made the podcast Rob :-). Not sure now, as he was driving around on his motorbike like a bat out of hell when we left.

  3. And when he “entertained” us with his heavy-metal music all night when I tried to sleep – I wish I could have strangled that bat 😀

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