Podcast: Eco Yoga Park, Argentina

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This podcast has been recorded whilst I’m volunteering at an Eco Yoga Park near General Rodriguez, 60km west of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Run by Hare Krishna devotees, and known by its other name Nueva Vrindavan, the Eco Yoga Park proved to be a wonderful break after nearly 8 months on the road. At only US $12 a day for food accommodation and yoga and meditation classes, it was also great value.

Show notes

As it’s a longer podcast than normal, I thought I’d include a summary of contents with approximate timings:

0-7 mins – Introduction, temple sounds, why I came to the Eco Yoga Park
7-9 mins – Temple Service sounds
9-19 mins – Interview with Svayam, a Hare Krishna Monk/Devotee
19-21 – Hatha Yoga session
21-29 – Tour of the Eco Yoga Park grounds
29-39 – Interview with Jameson & Laura, two volunteers
39-44 – Sounds, music….

Eco Yoga Park, Argentina


Photos of The Eco Yoga Park, Argentina
Video of the Eco Yoga Park
Laura & Jameson’s blog
Eco Yoga Park website
Eco Yoga Park alternative website (in Spanish)
Volunteer in an Eco Yoga Ashram in South America
International Society for Krishna Consciousness

14 thoughts on “Podcast: Eco Yoga Park, Argentina”

  1. Hey Tom,

    great little documentary…! let’s get jordan out there on a detox.

    Hope all’s well.

  2. Thanks Thakur….I had a great time thanks to all of you at the Eco Yoga Park. I hope we meet again soon :-).

  3. Fabulous show Tom. I’m a big fan of Krishna Consciousness so I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the show. Thanks Tom, Take Care bro’ – Keep In Happy Places, Dunc

  4. Hi Tom. Nice website. jejeje…sorry. Wonderfull web site. Thanks for your time and plis come to visit us any time you want, any place you are.
    Sorry about my spelling and grammar,
    ¡¡¡Hare Krishna!!!

  5. Hey! thanks so much for posting the podcast and video. They are the best souvenirs we have of the farm and make us soo happy to watch. Especially CHOMP CHOMP.

    We’ll def pay attention to your other blogs too when we have the time. We watched the one of the Guru in the truely and that was awesome.

    Hope everything’s great wherever you are! Take care. Hare bo! xx

  6. Thanks Heidi… glad you like them :-). Still in Argentina now, but trying to find flights to Spain…


  7. I really really enjoyed this podcast. I’m currently making plans to spent an indefinite amount of time at the park beginning in mid November. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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