A day at Huay Tung Thao lake, Chiang Mai

Huay Tung Thao lake, Chiang MaiWe often head out to Huay Tung Thao lake, about 12km outside Chiang Mai, to escape the heat of the city, have a swim and relax in a hammock. The lake is set at the foot of a mountain, and has some beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

There are quite a few simple restaurants set around the lake, with huts on stilts in the water that you can sit in if you prefer some shade.

To get there, you head North along Canal road about 10KM, and take a left. After a further 2kms you will arrive at a ‘toll booth’ where you pay an entry fee of 20 Baht per person.

For those of you into more adventurous activities than swinging in a hammock or swimming, around the other side of the lake is a small painballing (that was not a deliberate spelling error but it seemed appropriate so I left it) range (why anyone would want to go paintballing in the Thai heat utterly escapes me), and some Kayaks for hire. There are also ‘cute’ little pedalo (pedal-powered) boats that look like swans if you like that kind of thing…

Mike, Huay Tung Thao lake, Chiang MaiIt is rumoured that there is some off-road back route up to Doi Suthep from here, but we haven’t explored this rumour further at this time!

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  1. Huay Tung Thao is also a wonderful place first thing in the morning for avid birdwatchers. Up to 70 different species can be spotted, depending on the time of the year, between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.

    Within the locality there are other alternatives for serious swimmers. At the 700 Year Sports Stadium, which is located along the Canal Road, there is a 50 metre lap pool and a diving pool.

    If you want luxurious surroundings in which to swim and sunbathe in the same area off the Canal Road, then Google the Centre of the Universe Chiangmai to find directions to a private swimming club where, for a small fee, the pool is open to tourists and day visitors.

    If you prefer to pay nothing for a refreshing dip, then from the city centre follow Huay Kaew Road towards Doi Suthep. When you reach Phucome Hotel, instead of turning right onto Route 121 towards Centre of the Universe, 700 Year Stadium and Huay Tung Thao, continue on the main road towards Chiangmai University and Chaingmai Zoo. About 2 kilometres after the entrance to the Zoo you will see a huge Buddhist shrine on your left (dedicated to the monk who founded the very famous temple at the top of Doi Suthep). Turn left when you see this shrine and park your bicycle/motorbike/car to continue on foot to Huay Kaew Waterfalls. Not many tourists know about this water falls and you may well find you are the only foreigners amongst a group of young students from nearby Chiangmai University. These waterfalls are a favorite spot for students to study, relax, and sleep, under the shade of the rocky terrain. Before you stake out a spot to sit and relax, buy some goodies from the foodstalls you will pass on your way to the waterfalls and make a picnic out of it!

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