HIV and AIDS in numbers

In 2008 two million people died worldwide of AIDS. It’s more than 166,000 men, women and children a month. Or 5479 deaths every day.

The UN estimates that 2.7 million people became infected with HIV in 2008. This corresponds to 225,000 every month – or nearly 7,400 new infections every day or just over five every minute.

Worldwide 33.4 million people are infected with HIV. That’s why I still work in this field!

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  1. Infections are the result of conducts, if conducts dont change the rest is evident.
    According to UNAIDS 2009 statistics, HIV infections have increased between homosexuals in western europe, in high income countries, the conclusion is that is the consequence of their risky conduct, which by the way, is their “normal” conduct.

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