Video: Khaosan road in Bangkok, Thailand

This video shows Khaosan Road in Bangkok.

Khaosan road is what you can call a traveller’s mecca. Some people hate it and some people love it. It is located in the old part of Bangkok in an area called Banglampu. It is well connected to major attractions in Bangkok by bus number 2, 15, 47, 73, and 511 just to mention a few. Bus no. 53 goes to the main train station.

I always stay around Khaosan Road when I visit Bangkok and have previous lived in the area for 4 months. I love the buzzing atmosphere – you can find absolutely everything here: restaurants, cheap guesthouses, old and new friends, clothes and handicraft shops, massage places, tattoo artists, internet shops, travel agencies (it is cheaper to by bus tickets from here than from the government run offices at bus stations) and places to have a fun night out.

It is a very vibrant place and a crossroad for travellers from all over Asia. I highly recommend you to stop over in Bangkok when you are in Thailand. This city has a lot to offer. Enjoy

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  1. Kao San Road is good for people who wants to see all crazy stuffs but it’s very difficult to go around the city. The hotel around that area is very cheap but it’s very dirty and old. I went to Bangkok and stay at HQ hostel, Its a new hostel on Silom road across Patpong area. It’s very clean and cheap too. My best choice to stay in Bangkok now. I think Kao San Road was good but now it’s just too much…for me
    anyway, just my thought.

  2. Niceeeee .

    That brings up memories … actually the lack of memory after spending a few nights in those pubs 😛
    I enjoyed staying in that area , even in the GreenHouse .
    My brother got robbed there though , but managed to get his stuff back , since he was quite intimidating person at that time 🙂

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for the response and the suggestion for an alternative place to stay close to Patpong.

    I disagree that all the places in Khaosan are very dirty. There are constantly opening new places in Khaosan and they are indeed very clean. For more information you can chech the website:

    I usually stay in a brand new double room with hot shower, tv, ac and access to swimming pool in Khaosan for 800 baht a night.

    The nice thing about Khaosan is that there is something for every budget – from 100 baht per night (for a tiny cell with bars on the top and cold shower in the hallway) to 1500 baht for a brand new luxury room with breakfast, AC, tv, hot shower. Everything is within a small area, so there are many options to choose from if your planned guesthouse is occupied. And you always get a private room and never have to sleep in dormitory like in more expensive places like Europe.

    But it is a bit annoying that the skytrain does not run to Khoasan, so you will just have to do with buses and taxis.

    Best wishes,

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