Video: Beautiful Koh Lipe island, Thailand

Koh Lipe – a tiny island located in Tarutao National marine park, is the most beautiful island I have visited so far – both in Thailand and worldwide. The video below – containing a 10 minute island tour (including a visit to all the beaches) should give you an idea why we love this island so much. Enjoy 🙂

Map and satellite shots of Koh Lipe

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7 thoughts on “Video: Beautiful Koh Lipe island, Thailand”

  1. I enjoyed the video of Ko Lipe. I have not been back there since 2004 fearing it would become over developed. My husband and I wanted our memories to remain undisturbed. A simple and quiet place, sand, as you pointed out, the texture of baking flour, dinner on the beach under a halo of stars. Perfection.

    My worry in potentially returning is that Pattaya Beach is by now overrun by long tail boats, something that happened to Ko Phi Phi since the 90s. Not only are they noisy, they turn the best swimming area into a parking lot. From your video, there is a hint of that being the case. Should we return, I think I would look for a bungalow far, far back from the beach.

    Bravo on your video, truly an excellent service to travellers.

  2. Thanks so much Carolann, I also went there in 2004/2005 and Koh Lipe had changed a lot between then and when the video was made. It’s a shame, but I’m afraid we’re all part of causing that.

  3. thanks for the video. very informative and romantic. am planning to spend my vacation there in the beginning of December, 2009. hope it will not be as stormy and windy as in Samui this time of year. is Koh Lipe still so secluded and cosy? Alexey. Moscow

  4. Hi Alexey, no it’s definitely not secluded and cosy any more, but at the beginning of December it won’t be TOO over run! Have a great holiday!

  5. I was there in June 2009.
    It is a beautiful island, but I would not recommend to visit outside turist season,
    because there are all shops closed, almost all restaurants and other stuff (massages, diving centers, even tourist information point). What dissaponted me the most was enormous amount of all kind of trash all round the island, that the sea has floated (bottles, shoes,plastic bags, even needles), than the locals are driving on the beach with motorcycles all the time and there are lots of dogs that are running on the beach. One followed me everywhere. I named him Lipko.

    Sorry from my english!

  6. hello !
    it a nice video clip, and i was there recently on april 2010 for short visit,it so really beutiful island white sandy beach, clear water with coral/marine life, chao naam(gypsy)or the local people and i will be back for long vacation with my family.
    i’m agree with carol it so many long tail boat park at the pattaya beach and slowly will destroyed the coral and it also interfere the swimmers there.

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