Sound file: Night time in Chiang Mai, Thailand

[audio:|titles=Sound file 01: Night time in Chiang Mai Thailand|artists=Earthoria]
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This was recorded from outside our house in Chiang Mai. We fall asleep with these sounds every night – from the Cicadas and barking dogs on a dry night, to thousands of mating frogs after the rains, it is never quiet outside! Is it any wonder we both sleep with earplugs?! The mating frogs come after the barking dogs.

5 thoughts on “Sound file: Night time in Chiang Mai, Thailand”

  1. I’ve got a mate sleeping in my lounge, and I couldn’t resist playing these sounds to him as he slept. They can’t be so invasive, though, as he’s still sleeping like a baby.

    Love the logo by the way.


  2. I’ll post sounds from the karaoke room at the local shopping centre next, he’ll never sleep through them – a veritable karaoke hell…

  3. We’ll be in Chiang Mai in December for five or six days, first time, visiting from Ireland. The podcast made our dogs bark here in Clare. Is that a first, dogs barking in Chiang Mai starting dogs barking in Ireland?

    Should we bring earplugs also.

    Love the site.

  4. Thanks guys…. I am sure one other person told us that the Podcast had set off their dogs too!

    As for earplugs, both Tina and I sleep with earplugs every night. Thai people seem to have a different attitude and greater tolerance towards noise in general so you might want to bring some 🙂

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