Erawan waterfall & National Park, Thailand

Erawan National Park is a 550-square-kilometer park in western Thailand located in Kanchanaburi Province – about half an hour’s drive or so from Kanchanaburi Town.

The major attraction of the park is Erawan Falls, a spectacular seven-tiered waterfall named after the erawan, the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. There are also four caves in the park: Mi, Rua, Wang Bahdan, and Phartat.

It took us about 1-2 hours to walk the 2-3km from waterfall 1 to waterfall 7, with a few rest stops along the way. You can swim in most of the pools on the way although I imagine it gets a bit ferocious in the rainy season. It’s a great place to spend a day, and a lovely walk, but watch out for hit-and-run monkey muggings that apparently take place all to often on the way up 🙂

Erawan falls have now moved into second place in my favourite-waterfalls-in-Thailand league (after Thi Lo Su waterfall near Umphang – you can read about Thi Lo Su and Umphang and listen to the podcast in our post 1483km by motorbike in North Thailand Podcast).