DIY: Homemade Coconut and Tea Tree Oil Deodorant

DIY: Homemade deodorant with cocomut and Tea Tree Oil

Having read a lot about the side-effects of using antiperspirant – one of them being that antiperspirant is the single biggest cause of breast cancer, I started looking for a antiperspirant free deodorant.

I have used crystal deodorants sometimes, but find that it doesn’t work that well on me.

For the past year I have used my own homemade coconut oil deodorant and it works really well.

Here is the recipe:

3 tbsp Baking Soda
7 tbsp Cornstarch
8 – 9 tbsp Coconut Oil
10 drops Lavender Oil
5 drops Rosmary Oil
10 drops Tea Tree Oil

The essential oils are used for their antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic qualities.

How to do it:

1. Mix baking soda and cornstarch in a small bowl
2. Add liquid coconut oil. Mix it
3. Add the essential oils and mix well
4. Store in a small airtight container. Full recipe fits 2 small containers.

I prefer to keep it on the container in the bathroom where I get ready in the morning. Sometimes it’s solid and sometimes it melts, but it can be applied either way.

I use my finger to scoop a little out (just enough to cover the tip of my pointer finger), then spread it out in my armpits. This is enough to last all day. I reapply if I have been outside sweating in the heat a lot.
If you find that the deodorant is a bit stingy, just add a bit more coconut oil to dilute the mix.

One important thing to remember when you switch from an antiperspirant to this homemade recipe is that you will sweat with this deodorant, but not smell. That’s a bit of a transition if you’re used to not sweating when using a store-bought antiperspirant.

Like a normal stick deodorant, it can be prone to get white marks on dark clothing. To avoid this, don’t use too much and thoroughly work mixture into the skin before putting on clothes. If white does show up on clothing, just a little water will get it off.