Sound file: A relaxing Saturday by the pool?

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Lotus swimming pool, Chiang Mai, ThailandI finished my month long CELTA course last weekend and decided to go and lie by the Lotus hotel pool at Kad Suan Kaew shopping center in Chiang Mai. I had intended to sleep and wind down after a hugely stressful month.

Mr & Mrs Karaoke had other plans…

4 thoughts on “Sound file: A relaxing Saturday by the pool?”

  1. hi i stumbled across your websit one evening and have been following your podcasts since. very interesting. thank you! i would firstly like to ask what area is a more upmarket area to look for accomodation to rent in chiang mai as i am a single parent and would like to make my way there at the end of the year and will be staying in chiang mai for a year or so, can you help here at all. i will also be doing my CELTA here in south africa in a while so looking forward to your podcasts re: CELTA if that is still happening.
    kind regards

  2. Hi Priscilla,

    Thanks for leaving a comment! Regarding upmarket areas in Chiang Mai, it depends on a few factors really. Firstly, what kind of accommodation you are looking for – whether it is a condo, hotel, or house.

    Secondly, where you chose to live will depend on whether you have transport and don’t mind living a few kilometers outside Chiang Mai. If you do have transport and wanted to be more out in the country there are some amazing houses and villages in all directions outside Chiang Mai.

    If you would like to be close to the centre of the city – my favourite areas are the areas around Wat Umong and Wat Suan Dok – marked on the map on this post. We live near Wat Suan Dok now, and it almost feels like we’re living in a village, and yet we are 10 minutes from Chiang Mai old city.

    Good luck with your CELTA. We’ll get the podcast up some time in the next week or two so listen out for it!


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