Podcast: Amazon River boat trip, Brazil

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We made this podcast on a 6 day boat trip upriver (East to West) from Manaus in the Amazonas region of Brazil, to Tabatinga, on the Peruvian / Brazilian border.

In the podcast we discuss how to find a boat in Manaus (Brazil), the costs of river boat travel, hammocks Vs. cabins, being a vegetarian on board (and general food options), and the risk of malaria and using anti-malarials like Larium. We also report live after our boat suffered a break down and started drifting helplessly back downstream!

Amazon River Boat Trip - Manaus to Tabatinga in Brazil


More photos of Manaus and our Amazon river boat trip

COMING SOON – Video of our Amazon river boat trip

8 thoughts on “Podcast: Amazon River boat trip, Brazil”

  1. That was a great podcast! Apart from being informative, it gives a good idea of what the journey by boat will be like.

    I’m really excited about my trip now!


  2. Thanks for the excellent podcast, really helpful as I’m planning to travel between Manaus and Lima via Iquitos this Summer. I will be traveling to strict schedule, so the one question I have is how long would you allow for the trip, assuming fast boat to Iquitos and flight to Lima and minimal time spent enjoying the stops? I can set whatever arrival time I want in Lima, but missing it once set will not be an option. If you could advise me on my scheduling I would be very appreciative. Thanks again for the enjoyable and informative podcast.

  3. Many thnks for this informative podcast, most useful and relevant.

    I note you took your computer, was this wise (I realise essential for yr podcasts ;0)) WAS There ample elcetrical supply, concern of damp, theft, weight to carry…?

    How many beds in a cabin… is this limited due to size to 2bds.

    Plan to go to Amazon after Carnival and trip up the coast to Belem and maybe a boat trip then to Manuas.

    Any points on safety?

    Thanks again.

  4. HI Alan,

    It was totally safe in general. There was a small electrical socket in the cabin, and a smallish double bed. I think the damp issue would depend on when you go, it was humid but not too bad when we did the trip.

    I don’t remember there being any kind of weight limit!

    Have fun!


  5. great overview of the mighty river .. heading to Manaus and several other towns in a week .. dont what to expect .. but this helped … thanks … looks like a great time …

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