Video: Paharganj Delhi Main Bazaar – Heaven or hell?

The Main Bazaar in Paharganj is by some Delhiites considered hell due to it’s reputation for drugs and shady characters. But as my good Indian friend told me “you can find these things everywhere in Delhi – they are just more obvious in the Main Bazaar”.

However, unlike many capital cities, Delhi actually feels pretty safe to me. This might be an illusion of course, but I like Delhi a lot and I also like the Main Bazaar. I have stayed there three times now and feel both comfortable there and quite at home. It is also the cheapest place to stay in Delhi and has lots of cheap restaurants, travel agencies and shops.

This video gives you a small idea about the character of the Main Bazaar – heaven or hell? Judge for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Video: Paharganj Delhi Main Bazaar – Heaven or hell?”

  1. Hi T,
    This just confirms I’m not quite ready for India just yet. Very intense. I really enjoyed the video, look forward hearing more,
    Yours, E

  2. Hi E,

    The Main Bazaar in Delhi is possibly the most messy place in the city. But it is really a lovely city – I promise you!
    I am currently considering relocating to Delhi for a while (for a job) and if I do, I really want you to come and visit me there and I will show you all the beautiful places.


  3. Hi i am tanbir from bangladesh
    .to be honest i do not like main bazar at is a messy with rubbish people .and i am actually happy for my country though we are poor but any one will never see this things in bangladesh even in a village

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