Moving to Spain – another new beginning

After 281 days (about 9 months) travelling from Guatemala in Central America to Buenos Aires in Argentina, I ran out of steam!

Three weeks ago I flew from Buenos Aires to Madrid as an old friend had offered me the use of his apartment for two months whilst he and his young family escaped the searing Madrid heat in July and August. It was an offer too good to refuse, and it motivated me to leave the South American winter and enter the furnace.

Drummers in the Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain (Photo: drummers in the Retiro Park, Madrid)

Having met up with an old London friend in Barcelona last week, we’ve decided to set up a series of websites together over the coming months to try and generate a new ‘location independent’ income. As a clue, we will be working with the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) market.

I will be posting regular updates on Earthoria about the trials and tribulations of setting up a business in Spain. Right now, we’re just finalising the names – probably the hardest part?!

5 thoughts on “Moving to Spain – <em>another</em> new beginning”

  1. Interesting to see that you’ve gone the website route to an alternative income. I did the same a number of years ago and whilst finding a name is difficult the harder part is beating the competition!

    This is especially true in the languages market where although there is demand the number of “didgy” programs out there has caused some people to question the benefits of learning another language. My only tip: Keep the content useful and accurate!

  2. Hi Inga, I can’t post Tina’s email here as a comment. Please send your email address via our contact page and I’ll pass it onto you. Are you a friend of hers incidentally?

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