Getting to Gibraltar from Barcelona…

So, I’m trying to find flights from Barcelona straight to Gibraltar in the South of Spain, and I realise that there’s some kind of conspiracy preventing people doing this particular trip. It would probably be similar trying to get from Buenos Aires in Argentina to the Falkland Islands (Las Malvinas).

Flights from Barcelona to Gibraltar

As you can see from the image above, the cheapest flight (with Air France) is £1,350 (about US $2,200). It leaves Barcelona at 06.55, arrives in Paris at 08.50, leaves Paris at 10.00, arrives at London Heathrow at 10.15, you then have to transfer by train or bus to London Gatwick, then leave London Gatwick at 13.20 and finally you arrive in Gibraltar at 17.25.

The total trip takes about ten and a half hours (about the same as flying from London to Bangkok in Thailand) and costs about double the London-Bangkok price. You can even drive it in 11 hours according to Google.

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  1. This is what I have to put up with each time I want to travel from Stockholm to Athens to see my family.

    Unless you book four months in advance you’re looking at anything between 400 and 600 euros.

    That’s for a flight to a European capital city which should normally last around three and a half hours.

    In reality you often end up on seven-hour-long journeys with connecting flights and paying dearly for the privilege.

    As much as I can’t stand Ryanair’s rude staff, I can’t fault them when it comes to low prices and I hope that airlines like these expand further and put the final nail in the coffin of all those sclerotic, backwards-flying, overpriced dinosaurs.

  2. Try they are the ony airline that fly direct from Barcelona to Gibraltar but only on certain days of the week. Your best bet may probably be to Malaga

  3. Air Andalus offer direct flights between Gibraltar and Barcelona on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.
    (Spanish website, sadly not yet available in English)

    They also offer direct flights between Gibraltar and Madrid twice daily so you could go via MAD as well.

    Sadly they are do not load their flights onto any of the GDS systems so they are not available through opodo etc.

    If there is a language barrier issue, they apparently speak english on the phone sales or you could contact their local agents in Gibraltar – Bland Travel Services ( who ofcourse speak english and can also offer andalus flights packaged with other flights/accommodation/travel if you should so wish. Though you would be best to phone them also. While well established, Gibraltar is such a small place that many of the most well established companies have poor websites because they simply don’t need them, everyone is local to them!

    If you do want book via opodo etc. I don’t know why it is not offering you BA etc direct to LGW and then LGW direct to GIB.

  4. Thanks for all the useful comments everyone, I didn’t know about, but now I do. Unfortunately as they only fly 3 days a week I can’t get there the day I need to anyway, so I’ll be flying Vueling to Jerez near Cadiz…

  5. Note that out of Jerez or Malaga, Jerez is almost a complete non-starter if you need public transport to Gib. Malaga to Gib can be done by bus or train+bus.

  6. I’m coming from Ibiza to BCN for a week and would like to hit all the major sights on the way to Gibraltar. Probably just rent a car, seems like flying is a pain and direct train service past Valencia seems non-existent.

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