El Remate, Guatemala

What a great decision this was, avoiding Flores and staying in the significantly more chilled-out village of El Remate. El Remate is a small roadside settlement on the shores of a huge lake, about 40 kilometres closer to the Mayan temples of Tikal than Flores – the usual Tikal stopover.

El Remate, Guatemala

I just spent my time here (in between visiting the Tikal temples) swimming off the jetty in the photo above, wandering around the lake shore with wild horses, and listening to the howler monkeys from the nearby bio-reserve.

Photos of El Remate

4 thoughts on “El Remate, Guatemala”

  1. Absolutely true!!!

    Remate is amazing and a favorite after passing thru to Tikal, its a great place to visit.

    I have a number of a taxi and they will pick you up at airport and you [ay 20 dollars to go from airport to Remate… I stay at hotel don david.

    Its not for partying, but the waters are healing and i could swim all day!

  2. I have lived 3 years in el remate and its really fantastic. Eat with angelo at orqidea restaurant, a fantastic italian and italian food. great vibes, and prices and oh,oh food.

    stay with Don David, the american owner of don davids, if not on a real hard budget,otherwise many great hostel style hotels in town too.And go to the ruins of ixlu, mayan ruins 2 km from town, and the bio topo for animal watching and swim in the lake. Ask lou the american for birding tours at sunset,rise,renting bicycles or canoes.

  3. We were supposed to stay in Flores but then we went to El Remate that was best decision we could take. This small road side village is just
    great for chilling out,if you are into party
    you better off to Flores.

  4. well,casa de don douglas was my usual destination but once I discovered Don David, There is no comparison,A wonderful experience.

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