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Chiang Mai Trips

Day trips from Chiang Mai, Thailand and things to do in Chiang Mai and the surrounding countryside. We used to love exploring the area at weekends whilst we lived in Chiang Mai. Read about some of our experiences here.

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep and the white elephant legend

The legend goes that a monk named Sumanathera from Sukhothai had a dream; in this dream he was told to go to Pang Cha and look for a artifact. Sumanathera went to Pang Cha and found a bone, which many state was Buddha’s shoulder bone. The relic displayed magical powers; it shined, it was able […]

Podcast: Visa run to Mae Sai & Tachileik, Burma

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] [Download MP3 | Add to iTunes | Subscribe to Podcasts] If you are a foreigner living in Thailand, you’ll probably be familiar with the concept of a ‘visa run’. Depending on what visa you enter Thailand with, you may be required to leave Thailand after 30, 60 or […]

Podcast: 1483km by motorbike in North Thailand

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] [Download MP3 | Add to iTunes | Subscribe to Podcasts] Last week I completed a long 1483Km motorbike trip with my sister Laura through the mountains of North and North West Thailand, you can listen to the podcast we made along the way by clicking above. Setting off […]

Video: Ob Luang National Park

Ob Luang national park is about 105 kilometers from Chiang Mai and is a very worthwhile day trip. The park is famous for its gorge through which the Mae Chaem River flows. It is also known as the "Grand Canyon of Thailand". A footbridge across the gorge 500 meters downstream makes a walk through the […]

Video: Wild Sunflower fields at Doi Mae U-Kho

The wild sunflowers of Doi Mae U-Kho in Northern Thailand (Mae Hong Son province) bloom during November and early December, painting the entire mountain of Doi Mae U-kho in gold. The flowers are also known as Bua tong in Thai or Golden lotus and are actually Mexican sunflowers. The area that the sunflowers cover is […]

Podcast: Road trip to the wild sunflower fields

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] [Download MP3 | Add to iTunes | Subscribe to Podcasts] This weekend, we completed a 700KM round trip from Chiang Mai via Ob Luang National Park, to Mae Sariang and onto Khun Yuam and the Doi Mae U-Kho sunflower fields in Northern Thailand. We made this podcast along […]

The Bhubing Palace (royal winter residence) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Bhubing Palace is located on Doi Buak Ha, about 4 km behind Doi Suthep (22 km from the center of Chiang Mai city) in Chiang Mai Province. It is the royal winter palace in Chiang Mai where the Thai king stays with his family during seasonal visits to the northern part of the country. […]

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