Podcast: Care for Dogs, Chiang Mai

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Care for Dogs is an animal welfare organisation based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Listen to an interview with Karin Hawelka, one of the Care for Dogs founders by clicking the play button above.

Care for Dogs - Dog charity & dog adoption, Chiang Mai

Care for Dogs was set up by Karin and Amandine Lecesne who refused to ignore the problem of dogs suffering in the streets of Chiang Mai. Their aim is to improve the life of street and temple dogs by organising sterilisations, vaccinations, and medical care. They also offer a home for approximately 80 homeless dogs and puppies until they find a new loving home for them.

If you would like to adopt a dog, puppy or cat, volunteer, or support the group with donations or dog food – then contact 084-7525255 or 086-1855218, e-mail contact@carefordogs.org or visit www.carefordogs.org.

Enjoy and get inspired.

9 thoughts on “Podcast: Care for Dogs, Chiang Mai”

  1. Terrific!
    This is a radical shift from two other countries I visited, first Vietnam where dogs are treated very special, usually served with rice and tomatoes, and then Laos, where they took stray dogs and bused them to Vietnam for special treatment! Good to see someone looking out for the woofers.

    mae sot

  2. Yes. Thank God dog meat is not a speciality in Thailand. But as far as I have understood it is just a matter of price. I have met many Thai people who said that the only reason why they don’t eat dog is that it is very expensive. Scary thought…although as I have mentioned in my previous blogs…I do consider eating a dog the same as eating a cow (to me anyway). I don’t feel entitled to eat any of them 🙂
    I am sure Thomas would disagree with me.

    We can’t adopt any dog unfortunately…we are two restless souls and a dog deserve stability. But I will visit the shelter on a regular basis to play with the dogs…they are so lovely.


  3. If a dog and cow are equally entitled to not be killed and eaten, does the same apply to cockroaches & mosquitoes?

    Do dogs and cows have more ‘right to life’ in the average vegetarian’s mind than mosquitos/cockroaches due to the ‘cuteness factor’ coming into play? I know plenty of vegetarians that would happily kill a mosquito but never a dog or cow.

    I am very interested in this as I think most vegetarians make their own random distinctions between the insect world, fish world and mammalian world (in terms of their various members’ rights to life) – and most vegetarians also assume that certain animals have *more feelings* than others – ie a fish has more feelings than an ant.

    Tina, do you think we should be able to kill those bloody mosquitoes to prevent them biting us, but should not kill dogs for food?

  4. I do think mosquitoes have a right to live and I don’t think you should eat them either which is what the discussion was about :-). Thank you for your input Thomas.

  5. Hi there

    Thanks for all the exposure you are giving to Care for Dogs, we are very grateful.

    The previous comment in this list was authored by me… prematurely and from the wrong URL. Can you please remove comment number 7.

    Please be sure to let us know when you are back in Chiang Mai, looking forwards to meeting you both.



  6. Dear Ally,

    We will definitely let you know when we are back again. You are doing amazing work for the dogs and it is my pleasure to highlight your work…a true inspiration.

    We will soon be heading off to Latin America for another adventure and will hopefully find great projects over there to highlight and help. If you have any contacts in animal organisations in latin America-do let me know.

    Thanks a million.

    With love,

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