Amager Fælled: The green get-away in Amager and Ørestad, Copenhagen

On this cold afternoon, in a month that should be spring, I went for a long walk with my darling sister and gorgeous niece in Amager Fælled.

Amager Fælled is a nice, swampy nature reserve where you can walk, run and cycle and enjoy a break from the traffic on Amager and the new constructions in Ørestad.

The place originally served as a shooting range for the military, when they trained in gun use, but was abandoned in 1956 for park use.

In the 1990s Amager Fælled was declared protected.

1 thought on “Amager Fælled: The green get-away in Amager and Ørestad, Copenhagen”

  1. One Japanese poet says,

    “In front of the nature, man feels awed.
    Therefore, he humbles himself.
    Bear scenic poetry in mind.
    It enables you to see and feel differently
    the scenes in front of you.”

    You might prefer lyric poetry to scenic one.
    However, epic wouldn’t be your choice.

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