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Aktivering: Opbevaring eller opkvalificering???

Aktivering – hvad er det egentlig? Som arbejdsløs har jeg virkelig svært ved at forstå rationalet. Hvert halve år skal jeg minimum i aktivering 1 måned. Men som akademiker skal jeg ifølge loven “varetages” af en 2. Aktør. En anden aktør skulle efter sigende være en konsulentvirksomhed der kan hjælpe mig med at komme i […]

It’s bloody cold in England, LOOK!

Every time I return to England, it seems almost immediately there is a weather-related superlative issued for the month I choose to return. We all know the Brits are obsessed with weather, but in June 2007 it was the wettest/worst June since records began (hundreds of years ago), this winter, it has already been the […]

My 5 stay-the-same New Year resolutions

Going into a new year usually makes people think about resolutions. They often consist of things they want to change – like stopping to smoke or lose 10 kg etc. I decided that I would rather like to focus on the things I like to stay the same.

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