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Port Meadow, Oxford

Thanks to some wonderfully sunny July weather in England, Tina and I ventured out for a walk by the river at Port Meadow in Oxford – a large area of common land to the north and west of Oxford, England. The meadow is an ancient area of grazing land, still used for horses and cattle, […]

Vejer, Spain

Shameless plug: Rent a beautiful house in Vejer de la frontera! You can also see 2009’s post on Vejer de La Frontera here. I cushioned my re-entry from Thailand to the UK with a month in Spain. Beginning with a few days catching up with friends in Barcelona, Tina and I made our way down […]

Video: Celebration of Loi Krathong in Sukhothai

This video shows the spectacular celebration of Loi Krathong in Sukhothai Historical Park in 2007. According to tradition, Loi Krathong originated in Sukhothai, the first Thai capital about 700 years ago. It is therefore fitting that Thais hold this memorable festival in the atmospheric ruins of the ancient city. Highlights include displays of lighted candles […]

Video: Traditional Danish birthday celebration

In some countries and in some religions birthdays are not celebrated. But in Denmark, which is traditionally a protestant, Christian country, we consider birthdays as something very important and a great opportunity to celebrate. The video below is from my sister Pia’s birthday (on July 10, 2008) and gives you an idea about the way […]

Female intuition – unique to women?

Female intuition – is it unique to women? “No” says the Swedish professor Lars-Erik Björklund after having done brain research on the topic of intuition the past many years. He says it is simply neurobiology. Intuition is apparently not female nor unique, it is usually a result of years of experience and saved up knowledge […]

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