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Video: Beautiful Koh Lipe island, Thailand

Koh Lipe – a tiny island located in Tarutao National marine park, is the most beautiful island I have visited so far – both in Thailand and worldwide. The video below – containing a 10 minute island tour (including a visit to all the beaches) should give you an idea why we love this island […]

Why vegans were right all along

The Christians stole the winter solstice from the pagans, and capitalism stole it from the Christians. But one feature of the celebrations has remained unchanged: the consumption of vast quantities of meat. The practice used to make sense. Livestock slaughtered in the autumn, before the grass ran out, would be about to decay, and fat-starved […]

Podcast: 1483km by motorbike in North Thailand

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] [Download MP3 | Add to iTunes | Subscribe to Podcasts] Last week I completed a long 1483Km motorbike trip with my sister Laura through the mountains of North and North West Thailand, you can listen to the podcast we made along the way by clicking above. Setting off […]

Alcohol bans enforced across Thailand

Last Friday night, with Christmas just a week or so away I felt like having a beer with dinner. Arriving at one of the Mexican restaurants in Chiang Mai old city (The Salsa Kitchen) I ordered a Singha beer, and the waitress responded with what I just about understood to be a barrage of apologies […]

Video: Ob Luang National Park

Ob Luang national park is about 105 kilometers from Chiang Mai and is a very worthwhile day trip. The park is famous for its gorge through which the Mae Chaem River flows. It is also known as the "Grand Canyon of Thailand". A footbridge across the gorge 500 meters downstream makes a walk through the […]

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